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I make work with soft pastels that is gestural and saturated with pure pigment on paper.  

A story unfolds in the landscape, streetscape, or interior space.

Landscapes grab me with their light, often mysterious, distant or intimate. I become more aware of the power and beauty of the world around us as I describe it with color, line and shape.

The orange cone series, referencing a repeated object in our landscape,  started in my former Cambridge neighborhood. Animacy without human presence.  Places inviting, liminal  or abandoned.

I have recently returned to live in Massachusetts,  my home in Cambridge and Berkshire County.  


I earned a BA in Studio Art, concentrating in printmaking. I then studied architecture, and worked in photography and architectural marketing. Next, after a move to NYC, I was an archivist and worked on publications for art galleries. While raising a family in NY, CT, and NJ, I earned a certificate in Appraisal in Fine and Decorative Arts, while continuing to draw and work in watercolor, until I discovered the strength and rich pigment of soft pastel on paper.

Somerville Open Studios, Spring 2020

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